3 ways to stop and itchy throat cough

It’s never fun when you find yourself with an itchy throat cough

It’s like being in a silent room and you can’t stop coughing even though all the people are looking at you and you can’t do anything to stop it.

You can divide coughs in two primary types:

There’s the dry cough which can be caused by all sorts of allergies, a cold, the dusts in a room or even dry air. And then there’s the productive cough which shouldn’t be stopped as this is really easy to get rid of as long as you can control your body movements.

All coughs are irritating but if not stopped they can cause real issues for your throat.

If you find yourself with a cough that you can’t seem to stop then please continue reading this as I will help you get rid of it:

Before seeking specialized treatment you have to try a spoon of honey swallow it slowly so that it stays as much as it can in your throat. This is an excellent remedy and it’s the first thing you need to try when dealing with a cough.

If the honey didn’t do any good you could try to gargle salt water. This one is a very popular remedy for lots of throat problems especially for sore throats. Even if this can cause some discomfort, it can do good when dealing with a cough because of the salt concentration in the water. This process is called osmosis.

Another thing you should try is ginger peppermint syrup. This one works as an expectorant and it helps loosening the mucous from lungs. It will stop the tickle at the back of your throat which causes a chain reaction and that’s how a cough starts in the first place. Also, the peppermint will help you ease the cough pain.

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